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Where can you get the best quality of Tesla 3 paint protection film wrapping?


Tesla Paint Protection

Tesla model 3 recently came in for paint protection film wrap

Tesla Model 3?

Among the more affordable options in the electric-vehicle marketplace, the Tesla Model 3 is, without doubt, the one with the most name recognition. Model 3 is an electric fastback mid-size four-door sedan and goes its own way with a unique interior design and an all-glass roof. Acceleration is quick, and the model 3’s chassis is playful as well. EV buyers are more likely interested in driving range than speediness or handling, and the model 3 delivers there too. The base model offers up to 438km of driving range and the more expensive Long Range model can go up to 568km per charge.

Why install Paint Protection Film (PPF) on Tesla?

PPF protects your car from rock chips, scuffs, scratches and the elements(bug acid, bird droppings, UV rays, etc.). It features self-healing abilities, making scratches disappear overtime with heat, a super glossy shine, and some even have hydrophobic properties, making it easier to clean. It also protects a painted surface against acid rain, mineral deposits and water spots.

What we do Paint Protection Film (PPF) Package on the Tesla



Front bumper

Front guards


Front leading roof

Wing mirrors

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