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How to do an efficient paint protection preparation for a G63 AMG?


Recently we had a Mercedes-Benz G63 stop by for a full car Paint Protection Film wrap.
We captured a video to show exactly what the preparation process looks like!

See more work in motion – DB GROUNDS(youtube channel)

What we do for Paint Protection Preparation

Super deep cleaning is a must to apply paint protection film not to mention ceramic coating.

Here is Our Car Wash Process

  1. Wheel Cleaning
  2. Pre-wash
  3. Snow Foam
  4. Brush All edges
  5. Wash Mitt
  6. Wax & Glue Remover
  7. Iron Remover
  8. Tar Remover
  9. Clay Bar
  10. Paintwork Inspection
  11. Paint Correction or Polish if necessary
  12. Cutting Patterns
  13. Wipe with Alcohol all edges
  14. and finally READY to APPLY

As you can see from above, paint protection preparation is basic but crucial.
I am sure it definitely take a longer than you expect!

DB GROUNDS’ Work Ethic

We never measure the value of any car and also treat every car as always like out own children. DB GROUNDS never skip any steps that are needed or unnecessary. We treat every project with the original mentality of engaging in this industry and customer satisfaction is our motivation to continue.

Reasonable Price

Although we use the most high-end top products, we still adhere to professional ethics and will never allow any customer to over-consume.
We only put forward the most reasonable and professional suggestions.
We keep the price within the most reasonable range, guarantee the reasonable price in the same industry with the better quality and degree of completion so that you can get a corresponding return for every effort.




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